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A&P for Allied HealthRegents Online Continuing Education333.00
ACCOUNTING Administrative Office Technology748.00
Accounting Assistant (AOT Paris)Administrative Office Technology0.00
Administrative Assistant (AOT Paris)Administrative Office Technology0.00
Basic Nutrition PrincipalsElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONSAdministrative Office Technology374.00
Business Etiquette & Writing SkillsElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Career Skills IElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Career Skills IIElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)- Part IRegents Online Continuing Education300.00
Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)- Part IIRegents Online Continuing Education300.00
Communication Skills in the WorkplaceElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Compass PrepElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
COMPUTER ESSENTIALSAdministrative Office Technology415.56
COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTINGAdministrative Office Technology374.00
CUSTOMER SERVICEAdministrative Office Technology277.04
Data StructuresComputer Information Systems797.00
Database ProgrammingComputer Information Systems797.00
Dementia CareDementia Care247.00
Dietary Manager OrientationElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Dosage Calculations for NursesRegents Online Continuing Education288.00
ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDSAdministrative Office Technology277.04
Emerging Tech IOE Basic Coding IRegents Online Continuing Education0.00
Emerging Tech IOE Basic Coding IIRegents Online Continuing Education0.00
Emerging Tech IOE Basic Coding IIIRegents Online Continuing Education0.00
Emerging Tech IOE Basic Coding IVRegents Online Continuing Education0.00
EMPLOYABILITY SKILLSAdministrative Office Technology249.32
EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS (Dual Enrollment)Dual Enrollment249.32
Field Training- HRMElizabethton- Dietary Manager1496.00
Field Training- MFSElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Field Training- NutritionElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Field Training- S/SElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
FINANCIAL FUNCTIONSAdministrative Office Technology346.30
Financial Mgmt of Foodservice IElizabethton- Dietary Manager1496.00
Financial Mgmt of Foodservice IIElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
First Term (AOT Paris)Administrative Office Technology0.00
Food Safety IElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Food Safety IIElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Food Safety IIIElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Human ResourceElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Intro to Food ServiceElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
INTRO TO MEDICAL INSURANCEAdministrative Office Technology346.30
KEYBOARDING/DATA ENTRYAdministrative Office Technology311.67
LPN Admin of Meds/Basic IV Therapy (McMinnville)McMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Basic Nursing (McMinnville)McMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Fundamentals (McMinnville)McMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Hybrid McMinn OrientationMcMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN MaternityMcMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Med Surg IMcMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Med Surg I (McMinnville) McMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Med Surg IIMcMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Mental HealthMcMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Pediatrics (McMinnville)McMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN Pharmacology (McMinnville)McMinn LPN Hybrid0.00
LPN RefresherLicensed Practical Nurse Refresher502.00
Management of FoodElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
MEDICAL ETHICS AND OFFICE MANAGEMENTAdministrative Office Technology311.67
MEDICAL PRACTICUM/SIMULATIONAdministrative Office Technology311.67
MEDICAL TERMINOLOGYAdministrative Office Technology249.32
MURF Architectural DrafterMurfreesboro-CAD0.00
MURF Detail DrafterMurfreesboro-CAD0.00
MURF Mechanical DrafterMurfreesboro-CAD0.00
Nutrition/Diet TherapyElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
OFFICE PROCEDURES IAdministrative Office Technology415.56
OFFICE PROCEDURES IIAdministrative Office Technology415.56
OFFICE PROCEDURES II OLD BOOKAdministrative Office Technology415.56
OFFICE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATIONSAdministrative Office Technology332.45
ORIENTATION AND SAFETYAdministrative Office Technology20.76
OSHA Training ProgramElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
OSHA Training ProgramElizabethton- General Industry0.00
PAYROLLAdministrative Office Technology374.00
PRACTICUM /SIMULATIONAdministrative Office Technology498.66
Sanitation & Food SafetyElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Second Term (AOT Paris)Administrative Office Technology0.00
SPREADSHEET APPLICATIONSAdministrative Office Technology415.56
Term I Dietary ManagerElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Term II Dietary ManagerElizabethton- Dietary Manager0.00
Visual BasicComputer Information Systems797.00
WORD PROCESSING APPLICATIONSAdministrative Office Technology415.56
Number of courses: 80
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